P1509 VDD The Grand Nieuwpoort Cam Cabins HR 20201218




Zeedijk 10
Hendrikaplein 1-9
Albert I-Laan 112
8620 Nieuwpoort
P1509 VDD The Grand Nieuwpoort Cam Cabins HR 20201218

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A unique and comprehensive project

Historical gem
along Nieuwspoort’s

A unique and comprehensive project has been set up to restore the grandeur and urban architectural status of this iconic building – the jewel in Nieuwpoort-Bad’s crown. It includes a respectful renovation of the monument, as well as the addition of a new, contemporary extension. The remaining historically valuable parts of the monument will be restored, while lost Belle Epoque elements such as the iconic tower and domes, the corner terraces, the canopy and the loggia on the side of Hendrikaplein will be rebuilt in a contemporary style. The building will have to be expanded to make its mark on the city’s skyline and compete with all the more recent, larger construction projects.

Geert Vanden Broucke Mayor of Nieuwpoort
The White Residence is one of Nieuwspoort’s most iconic landmarks. This ambitious project will restore the original beauty of this ‘grande dame’ of our seaside resort. Once completed, it will once again be the undisputed architectural gem of the North Sea shore. This unrivalled monument has been a firm favourite with the public for almost one hundred years. We are delighted that everyone will be able enjoy it again, much like people did in its heyday. Along with the restored Villa Hurlebise and the renovated Hendrikaplein, which will become an experience and meeting place, ‘The Grand’ will be quite the eye-catcher in Nieuwpoort.

The right balance between
urban planning, social and
architectural requirements

The project strives to align urban development, social and architectural needs and strengthen the building’s heritage status. The team is attaching particular importance to the historical qualities of ‘Le Grand Hôtel’ so that it may regain its original sparkle and splendour.

Matthias Diependaele Flemish Minister of Immovable Heritage
This project has added economic, cultural and tourist value. Many thanks to VDD Project Development and the city of Nieuwpoort for taking on this project. This building lives on in the memory of many people, of the countless families who spent a wonderful time at the seaside here. In a sense, it is a living memory with undeniable value. By restoring this magnificent building, the clients are creating a sense of timelessness. At the risk of waxing poetic, I think this is a victory over the transience and loss that are inherent to our human existence. A new chapter is now being written in the story of The White Residence, The Grand is the start of a new history.
Logo The Grand in numbers
  • 70 Apartments
  • 1 Brasserie/restaurant
    on the seafront
  • 248 Bicycle racks
  • 3 Spacious commercial spaces on the side of the Albert I avenue
  • 1 Bar on the corner of the
    Hendrikaplein and the promenade
  • 115 Parking lots
A new historic landmark

Transforming a run-down
building into a landmark
that inspires pride

The ‘White Residence’ will be transformed from a run-down building into one with 70 apartments of up to 265 m². The ground floor will be opened to the public. The historic bar and brasserie on the ground floor will be restored and space will be created for several shops on the side of Albert I-laan. The result will be a landmark that inspires pride, both in Nieuwpoort and in the surrounding region.

Side view of the scale model
Side view of the scale model
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Interieurs door Arjaan De Feyter

Voor de realisatie van ‘The Grand’ werken we samen met gespecialiseerde partners die uitblinken in hun vakgebied. Het interieur is in handen van interieurarchitect Arjaan De Feyter. Het werk van De Feyter valt op door zijn puurheid, aandacht voor functionaliteit, en het gebruik van duurzame materialen. Voor de interieurs van de appartementen trekken we de sfeer en esthetiek van het exterieur van ‘The Grand’ subtiel door. Op een hedendaagse en verfijnde manier herintroduceren we gestileerde deurlijsten, plinten en moulures. Deze elementen vormen samen de basis en zetten de ruimtelijkheid maximaal in de verf.

Zwembad en wellness

Gemeenschappelijk zwembad en wellness-zone

VDD zet bij alle projecten in op maximale woonkwaliteit. Geborgenheid en genieten zijn hierbij de sleutelwoorden. Voor ‘The Grand’ maken we dit concreet door het voorzien van onder meer een gemeenschappelijk zwembad en een wellness-zone voor de bewoners. Ook hier wordt de verfijnde stijl van het ganse project doorgetrokken zodat alles op één lijn valt en u zowel visueel als fysiek kunt ontspannen.


Attention to
green energy
and ecology

The developers rooted their plans in a strong sense of responsibility for the building. So it is little wonder that ecology plays an important role. In fact, the repurposing of ‘The Grand’ is an exemplary project in that sense.

Special attention is paid to green energy and ecology in this project. Various modern and sustainable techniques are used to keep the total energy consumption to a minimum – including geothermal energy, solar panels and maximum recovery of the heat the building will produce. The result will be future-proof, because it will be heated and cooled without fossil fuels.

At the architectural level, VVD Project Development is also fully committed to sustainability. Repurposing vacant buildings is a social responsibility. Well-thought-through reuse is the best guarantee for sustainable conservation and management of valuable heritage, and contributes to a circular economy. All the available materials will be reused as much as possible for this project. New elements will be brought in only when the existing materials run out.


Underground car park
and soft mobility

The City of Nieuwpoort’s policy requires property developers to provide sufficient parking spaces. For technical and heritage reasons, parking spaces cannot be built under ‘The Grand’. The project therefore includes a two-storey underground car park under Zeedijk, similar to other existing underground car parks

It will have 115 parking spaces, including 108 closed parking boxes and 7 open (disabled) parking bays. This car park will remain private and will only be used by the residents of the apartments and users of the retail spaces. As the apartments will mostly be used as second residences, traffic will be limited.

The project also prioritises soft mobility, by providing a shared bicycle shed for 248 bicycles (=3.5 per apartment). Another 98 bicycles can be parked in the spacious individual garage boxes, bringing the total number of bicycle parking spaces to 346. The above-ground public parking spaces will moreover be scrapped as part of the renovation of Hendrikaplein, reducing traffic in the square.

Timing & construction

Renovation and
construction in 2021

If everything goes according to plan, the renovation and reconstruction of ‘The Grand’ will commence in the autumn of 2021. The first residents will be able to move in three years later, in 2024, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of ‘Le Grand Hôtel’.

During the project’s implementation phase, our aim is to limit nuisance for the surrounding area as much as possible, by optimising the duration of construction, minimising noise hindrance and making limited use of the public domain.

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