P1509 VDD The Grand Nieuwpoort Cam Cabins HR 20201218




Zeedijk 10
Hendrikaplein 1-9
Albert I-Laan 112
8620 Nieuwpoort
P1509 VDD The Grand Nieuwpoort Cam Cabins HR 20201218

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Historic Nieuwpoort gem to be restored

One of the last historic buildings on Belgium’s coastline is set to soon rise from its ashes. “The Grand” is a unique renovation project, converting the former ‘Le Grand Hôtel’ or ‘White Residence’ in Nieuwpoort into a residential building. The building has fallen into disrepair since the sixties. VDD Project Development is now undertaking a comprehensive and unique renovation of this listed building. The company’s intention is to restore ‘The Grand’ to its former grandeur, transforming it into an architectural beachfront gem, in time for its centenary.

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    A prestigious hotel, est. 1924

    ‘The Grand’s’ history is turbulent to say the least. From 1924, it was the most prestigious hotel in Nieuwpoort-Bad. During WWII it was used as an army hospital, only to become a holiday residence from the sixties onwards. Over the years, the building deteriorated, with many of its valuable original elements disappearing after which it fell into disrepair.  Find out more about its history »

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    The project

    A new historic landmark

    The once renowned Art Deco building on the Zeedijk in Nieuwpoort-Bad has fallen into disrepair. After its completion in 1924 by the Brussels architect Apollon Lagache, the ‘Grand Hôtel’ has had to navigate many a storm. Today this monument is a shadow of its former self, having lost its distinctive silhouette and fallen into disrepair. But this is soon set to change. Having acquired the building last year, VDD Project Development is determined to restore the building to its former grandeur in the run-up to its centenary, under a new name, i.e., ‘The Grand’.  Find out more about the project »

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    VDD project development

    Giving the past a future

    At VDD Project Development, we work within the existing footprint of historic sites in premium locations to equip them for a contemporary purpose. VDD aims to become the custodian of historic buildings, by giving them a new future. In doing so, the property development company prioritises a new architecture that is in harmony with the historic footprint, quality of life and sustainability. As such, leverage projects are created that deliver added value for the surrounding area.  More about the team »

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    David Chipperfield Architects

    Architects of The Grand

    The London-based practice of David Chipperfield Architects is world-renowned for its nuanced restorations of buildings, including the Royal Academy of Arts in London and the redevelopment of historic UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as the ‘Neues Museum’ in Berlin.  More about the team »

Logo The Grand in numbers
  • 70 Apartments
  • 1 Brasserie/restaurant
    on the seafront
  • 248 Bicycle racks
  • 3 Spacious commercial spaces on the side of the Albert I avenue
  • 1 Bar on the corner of the
    Hendrikaplein and the promenade
  • 115 Parking lots
  • The Grand Crest v1
    Press Release


    A monument like ‘The Grand’ requires a meaningful symbol. To honour the building’s tradition, a coat of arms was developed that comprises the many layers of this prestigious edifice.