P1509 VDD The Grand Nieuwpoort Cam Cabins HR 20201218




Zeedijk 10
Hendrikaplein 1-9
Albert I-Laan 112
8620 Nieuwpoort
P1509 VDD The Grand Nieuwpoort Cam Cabins HR 20201218

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The Grand Crest v1
The Grand


A monument like ‘The Grand’ requires a meaningful symbol. To honour the building’s tradition, an imposing coat of arms was developed that comprises the many layers of this prestigious edifice. It features the following elements:

  1. Coat of arms of VDD Project Development: this element inspired ‘The Crest’.
  2. Coat of arms of the City of Nieuwpoort: a lion in a boat.
  3. Swan: a symbol of peace, tranquillity, beauty and elegance.
  4. Fleur de lis: a symbol of purity.
  5. Crab: a reference to the sea.
  6. Tall tower: ‘Le Grand Hôtel’ was severely damaged during World War II. Several valuable elements, including the iconic tower, were demolished during its reconstruction in the sixties. During the renovation, special attention will be paid to rebuilding this tower so that the monument’s former glory is restored.
  7. G of ‘The Grand’.
  8. Seahorse: a symbol of unbridled freedom.
  9. Waves: a reference to the connection with the sea.
  10. 8620 is the postal code of Nieuwpoort.

The historical appearance of the coat of arms is combined with a contemporary font. This approach creates a symbiosis between the restoration of historical value on the one hand, and the contemporary nature of the renovation of ‘The Grand’ in terms of sustainability and techniques on the other hand.

The Grand Crest
The Grand Crest